Hi everyone and welcome to NewbieUni!

My name is Steve Jones, 49 and I am from north London, England.

I have started this blog for a few reasons,  for years I have been building an online marketing business and struggled like most newbie’s to succeed online.

I was buying all the shiny objects that promised success without really putting the hard work in….doesn’t work people!

However, after some time I stumbled across few different program’s that have helped, this has shown me certain methods like affiliate marketing, building my own products and lots more.

However, I want to direct you new to the industry the way forward!

Like most people it is hard when starting out, and I thought to myself I would build a new blog helping newbie’s learn and review what I think will help then to progress and build an online business.

At the time I wrote this post I was only one day into building my new site, at which point I have already chosen my Blog name, signed up for hosting and now working on editing my site.

Please don’t think that this isn’t anything a newbie like yourself can not achieve and complete…you can and you will!

So please come back and check out the progress and don’t forget to connect with me, till then all the best.