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This review is all about the Instant Buyer Traffic training which is being launched on the 31st August by Aidan Corkery.

I am sure you have heard of Aidan who is one of the shinning stars when it comes to IM business and Facebook. I have brought products from Aidan before, he always produces quality. I have had a good look around this course as I am a member, there isn’t much you can not say about the Instant Buyer Traffic apart from this is truly a great course if you want Free traffic. Aidan is a former school teacher in his homeland… Ireland, and if you can’t learn from a teacher who can you learn from to bank $$$$ per day on autopilot.

Instant Buyer Traffic
Instant Buyer Traffic

So what will you be getting with the Instant Buyer Traffic, the course is all based around Facebook and how Aidan has found a secret method to add “Targeted” traffic, that is willing to buy from you time and time again. You will be getting 6 training Modules inside the members area that are packed with great information on how to get started to detailed secret methods on adding targeted traffic (don’t call them targeted traffic….they’re friends)

This is true over the shoulder training were Aidan teaches you everything needed to implement this method. I am sure every newbie or anyone without any tech experience will not have a problem with this course.

Aidan is fantastic at teaching you in the videos how to set the whole system up, so you will be up and running in no time at all. I was afraid when I heard about this that this wouldn’t be suitable for the newbies… however, I should have had more faith in Mr Corkery to over deliver as he always does.

Instant Buyer Traffic
Instant Buyer Traffic

The business

Internet marketing at the moment is an ideal way for entrepreneurs to build a fantastic business and not have a boss to answer to, with Instant Buyers Traffic you will be able to master the Facebook market and build a booming business for yourself.

You will also find out if you are a newbie or an old hand in the IM world the main issue that all marketers have is driving targeted buyer traffic to any offer you may be promoting, I have as I mentioned before, paid for this course and implanted this ninja method and within 1 month have grown a targeted traffic list quicker than I have paying for that same size list…. don’t get me wrong you do have to work at it but it beats working on a building site.

I also found out that the bigger your friends list is the quicker people are prepared to join. Below is proof off my Facebook account with Instant Buyer Traffic Accountability Group… you have to be approved to join this.

Instant Buyer Traffic
Instant Buyer Traffic

The Product

So, with Instant Buyer Traffic you will be learning this method from scratch. You will be learning the difference between starting a new Facebook profile or using your personal one, how to look for the targeted traffic with the different types of groups on Facebook. He also guides you on the do’s and don’ts of adding friends to your list without Facebook closing your account down…this is important! 

Aidan shows you how to do this method through the power of videos he recorded while learning and doing it himself, this is the best bit about this course that you are seeing him progressing in real-time videos through doing it himself.

When it comes to Instant Buyer Traffic, this product is so over delivered with  it’s embarrassing… once you have reach 1000 Facebook friends he will then lead you on to how to promote them and make money as an affiliate. He shows you which products to choose, where to find these products and how to become approved as the affiliate for the products. Plus lets not forget how to review a product.

Instant Buyer Traffic
Instant Buyer Traffic

After this he moves on to offering your own products, as the holy Grail for all in the IM world is to be producing your own products as a vendor and have multiples of affiliates working hard to pushing traffic towards us….and building our list of buyer traffic. Don’t get me wrong Aidan isn’t showing you how to build your own product in this course however.

Then lastly he has a module showing you how to convert Facebook friends onto your own buyers e-mail list, this is very important that you do start converting targeted friends onto a responsive buyers list….as you would have all heard in the past that the money is in the list….it’s true.

He also has some cool bonuses for joining the Instant Buyer Traffic course which include scaling to 6 figures and the PDF of course 

Instant Buyer Traffic
Instant Buyer Traffic
The Niche

I haven’t really dealt with the Facebook market until now and what I am learning and seeing in my own business is remarkable, I have not had this much success before…so don’t wait for the ship to have floated by, just jump on board and help build your business in such a way it is amazing.

I have now started on another course which I hope will increase what I have learnt from Aidan and further my own business, however I strongly recommend picking this course up and implementing this stuff.  

For the price he will be asking for this fantastic product, it will be well worth paying twice as much the ridiculous price…. so snap this up and start on the Facebook road to success.

Facebook is only going to get bigger and bigger with millions of people desperate to get their hands on what you are promoting….so why not let them buy from you!

Is Anything Missing

When going through this training it was very much complete from A – Z  basically….however we all could learn more traffic methods if not to be implemented now but for the future, so if you pick up Instant Buyer Traffic through my link you will be getting my bonus relating to Social Media, Traffic training and I have also included “The Golden list” which in information with 90 Niches with products.

Instant Buyer Traffic
Instant Buyer Traffic

My thoughts on Instant Buyer Traffic by Aidan, is…this is one of those courses that you start and like a good book, you can’t put it down. it is well worth the cost as once you have implemented the content into your own business you will be the beneficiary, as your life will be improved with increasing your business buyer traffic.

Instant Buyer Traffic OTO 1

Complete done-for-you campaigns and access to a buyer Rolodex that you can easily just plug into and use to start getting traffic and sales much faster.

Instant Buyer Traffic OTO 2

You get REAL Case-Studies of the Instant Buyer Traffic method put to action.

Instant Buyer Traffic OTO 3

Buyer Traffic frenzy How to find top class elite buyers to scale the Instant Buyers Traffic method and make $5855.32 a month.

Instant Buyer Traffic OTO 4

Resell-rights offered for Instant Buyer Traffic. Your customers can sell Instant Buyer Traffic and keep 100% of the profits.


When you buy through my links below you will be able to pick up all the bonuses which I believe will add to the experience and training of Instant Buyer Traffic


Authority TrafficThe E-Book, Cheat sheets and 10 video traffic source that we all need to have.


Traffic Marketing PROVideo traffic course showing you traffic methods with e-mail, Facebook, Forum’s, Google, Pinterest and YouTube.


Social Media Authority List Building GOLDThis fully loaded 10 Module course shows you all you need to know and provides the tools to make it happen


Magnetic Power VIDEO MarketingVideo course showing the power of Video in the market world


BullsEye Targeted Video Traffic – Video Traffic on YouTube, 10 video’s that run you through everything then they add a twist.


The Golden List 90 Niches and products you could think of to help you get started in one cheat sheet.


Click HERE to get Store Instant Buyer Traffic, Plus all the bonuses above which help complete the training and experience




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